Sharmila Martin

Rookie (Apr 02,1976 / California)

Biography of Sharmila Martin

Endlessly the poetry in my mind is ifinite & I have felt an immense saddness for I have lacked the ability to relay into words the beautiful simulations of poetry in my mind. I have yet felt the complete satisfaction of having the domino of words that flow through my mind relay the immense flow of emotions in my mind. Updates


I thought my life was blue untill I found you.
Now all day long my heart sings a song of only
Loving you. Are you true do my eye's really see you.

Now each day I begin a new with only thoughts of loving you.
No more of me being blue since I found you, there's
No more gloom & doom here to loom. For my heart nearly
Skips a beat every time our eye's meet. Are you really true
Are my eye's really see you.

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