Sharon 333

Sharon 333 Poems

1. Missing You 10/14/2009
2. Only Your Love I Need 10/14/2009
3. Our Love Remains 10/14/2009
4. Time To Play 10/14/2009
5. You Are The One 10/14/2009
6. Yours I Am 10/14/2009
7. You'Re Gone (Lyrics) 10/15/2009
8. Alone (Lyrics) 10/15/2009
9. The Killing Web 11/4/2009
10. Lost 11/30/2009
11. 3 A.M. And Broken 12/9/2009
12. Without You 12/21/2009
13. Slipped Away 8/18/2010
14. Lost To Love 10/13/2009
15. Our Love (Lyrics) 10/13/2009
16. Decision 10/14/2009
17. Can You Hear Me 8/18/2010
18. Don'T Leave Me 8/18/2010
19. In My Dreams 8/18/2010
20. The Conversation 8/18/2010
21. There Was A Time 8/18/2010
22. The Sixth Day 8/18/2010
23. Love Lost 8/18/2010
24. Maybe - Only How 8/18/2010
25. In A Funk Tonight 8/19/2010
26. Remember Me 8/24/2010
27. Together Memories (Lyrics) 2/4/2011
28. You'Ve Gone Away (Lyrics) 2/4/2011
29. You And Me 10/13/2009
30. Bound By Love 8/18/2010
31. Never Alone 10/14/2009
32. A Poem From The Grave 8/18/2010
33. I Can'T Go On From Here 10/13/2009

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I Can'T Go On From Here

I can’t go on from here
I am frozen, I am trapped
Cannot see the way forward
No way to turn back……….why would I

I can’t go on from here
No key can set me free
I struggle hard against the bars
No one hears my silent screams……….how can they

I can’t go on from here
Everyone knows I’m fine
They refuse to look too close
And see the hurricane inside……….why should they

I can’t go on from here
The path ahead is blocked to me
I remain here behind this mask
Never to be set free……….until I’m gone

No, I can’t go on from ...

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Lost To Love

What is this hold you have on me
Is it a spell, are you for real
How can you constantly drive me crazy
How do you make me feel what I feel

Your love so strong has captured my heart
I am bound to you, body and soul
Nothing could ever pull us apart
I am consumed by love, I have lost all control

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