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81. Lotus... 6/6/2012
82. My Heart Captured.. 6/9/2012
83. Some Time Ago... 6/9/2012
84. Have You Ever Loved.... 6/23/2014
85. In The Way... 2/24/2015
86. Be Still My Heart 7/29/2013
87. Beloved...(Sonnet) 6/23/2014
88. Strategic Moves 6/12/2012
89. Love's Sweet Abandon 10/22/2012
90. I Hear You... (Sleepers) 3/6/2012
91. Alpha And Omega.. 3/9/2012
92. Seek And Ye Shall Find... 5/30/2012
93. No Greater Love 3/6/2012
94. Show Me..Show Me..Show Me.. 3/2/2012
95. La La La...La La La... La La La La La La La 2/16/2012
96. Pure Ecstasy... 3/29/2012
97. A Gift Of Discernment..... 6/9/2012
98. A Wicked Generation.. 4/13/2012
99. Out Of The Mouth Of Babes... 3/10/2012
100. Be Still My Heart... 2/15/2012
101. Do Not Let Go...(The Dark Flood) 2/17/2012
102. Beyond Earth's Knowledge..(Part I) 2/17/2012
103. A Wonderous Moment With You 2/21/2012
104. Oh..My Head... 2/29/2012
105. Pure Love... 2/13/2012
106. Through My Soul's Eye.. 6/1/2012
107. On Eagle's Wings... 3/4/2012
108. You Know Me So Well.. 5/30/2012
109. Please Tell Me Your Stories.. 5/7/2012
110. To Touch The Soul... 5/13/2013
111. Do You Love Money? ? 4/9/2012
112. Are You Rich Or Are You Poor? ? ... 2/22/2012

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Are You Rich Or Are You Poor? ? ...

Yes...I look around..and There is a lot I see
Many people living in a state of luxury
'Luxury? ' they say..'but alas..we are poor'
Complaining about this and that and..'now we need more'

Let us take the pharaohs..and the kings in ancient past
They had less comforts then..than in this century last
A feather was used to fan them..servants so very near a air is instant here.

The 'help'..they were there..worked hard to make their food
Preparing what is pleasing to their taste and to their mood
Today it is the same..but they just sit ...

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I am here today it's anchors away..
soul sailing out on the sea..
I am the King's daughter..I will walk upon water..
Prince of Peace always here with me..

Nothing in my my heart doth pray..
a hedge back and in front of me..
A crown raised above water..satan sees the daughter..
Knowing under my feet his place be.

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