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Biography of Sharon Wagoner

Hi my name is Sharon Wagoner. I like to write poetry in my spare time. I write about love, hurt, relationships, pretty much any thing that is on my mind. I do have a book full of poems that I have wrote in the past few years. Some of my poems are true about my life, but some are just make believe. Most of them tell about my childhood and what is yet to come. I hope you enjoy every single one!

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Is This You?

Is this you standing in front of me, the one I have come to love?
Yet u still manage to keep slipping away, another push and another shuv.
What if this is nothing more than a relationship for us to retreat?
Nothing more than a meaningless love left incomplete.
Masks cover your face as you begin to lie about what you believe,
If you were out to conquer my heart then u have definitely achieved.
This bitter and endless sound of breaking sounds to close to home,
The days we spent thinking

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