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1. Winter's Beauty 12/20/2012
2. Burden Of Boredom 12/20/2012
3. Relations Crumble 5/25/2013
4. Reason Is I 5/25/2013
5. In A Job 5/25/2013
6. Autumn Of My Life 5/25/2013
7. Vanity 5/25/2013
8. She Is Still Mine 5/25/2013
9. On Jesus Christ 5/25/2013
10. On Ego 5/25/2013
11. Ilu 5/25/2013
12. You Cheated On Me 5/25/2013
13. Futile Relations 5/29/2013
14. Relatins Fallen Apart 6/1/2013
15. You Are The Reason 6/10/2013
16. True Face Lost 5/25/2013
17. To Religion 6/25/2012
18. A Day Of Winter 6/29/2012
19. To Life 6/29/2012
20. Beautiful Maid 12/20/2012
21. First Love 12/20/2012
22. War Between Heart And Mind 12/20/2012
23. Mortanity 12/20/2012

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Nothing is good in this life,
Only mind and heart strife.
We always in confusion,
No answer no solution.
Questions which don't have endings,
Heart which don't have feelings.
One thing we should know from our birth,
Man is mortal with happiness dearth.
Death is what we should accept,
From life nothing we should expect.
Things are not trued as they seem,
Everything is dark and not any beam.

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A Day Of Winter

Beautiful day has broken,
Birds have started the journey,
Ice thawing which was frozen,
Morning is becoming sunny.

Noon gives soothess,
Sun gives light in flash.
As the day ready to grow,
The sun ready to bow.

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