Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Rookie - 133 Points (03 September,1988 / Sonepur, Saran, Bihar, India)

Shashikant Nishant Sharma Poems

281. कहता हूँ बात सही मान मेरे यार 3/7/2013
282. इंतजार एक मुलाकात की 3/7/2013
283. देश बचओ, देश बचाओ 3/7/2013
284. बसता हैं अपना भारत 3/7/2013
285. कम बोलिए ज्यादा समझिये 2/28/2013
286. मेरी परदादी... 2/28/2013
287. पी लो मस्ती का प्याला 2/28/2013
288. मंजिल तक 2/28/2013
289. वसंत का प्रभाव 2/28/2013
290. Poetry Is Poetry 2/28/2013
291. Success: A Perception-3 3/4/2013
292. Talent Hunt-3 3/4/2013
293. Time For Change-3 3/4/2013
294. Why Rape? -2 3/4/2013
295. ऐ मेरे भगवान मेरी भी विनती सुन 3/7/2013
296. खेल खेल में ही 3/7/2013
297. आय क्रिसमस 3/7/2013
298. नव वर्ष हो मंगलमय 3/7/2013
299. तू ऐसा करना प्यार 3/7/2013
300. लुढ़क ही रहे है... 3/7/2013
301. नेताजी की अजब कहानी 3/7/2013
302. जीवन हैं एक चलती नैया 3/7/2013
303. क्या यही है भारत महान 3/7/2013
304. मैं सब कुछ भूल गया हूँ दिल लगाकर 3/7/2013
305. मैं और मेरी छाया 3/7/2013
306. न जाने क्या चीज है गम 3/7/2013
307. आया सावन आया सावन 3/21/2013
308. नहीं अब अमन चैन 3/21/2013
309. सरस्वती वंदना 3/21/2013
310. हाथों का सहारा देना 3/21/2013
311. हम तो इंतजार करते रहें 3/21/2013
312. Patriotism 3/21/2013
313. कलम का दम 3/21/2013
314. टूट पड़े! 3/21/2013
315. राष्ट्र की असल शक्ति जवानों की देश भक्ति 3/25/2013
316. कवि और दूसरों का दर्द 3/25/2013
317. तू जीता जा जीवन 3/25/2013
318. क्यों बैठा हैं साहिल 3/25/2013
319. क्यों बैठा हैं साहिल 3/25/2013
320. चल रही हैं पवन 3/25/2013

Comments about Shashikant Nishant Sharma

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/7/2014 7:01:00 AM)

    nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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    2 person did not like.
  • Thato Boditsi Thato Boditsi (5/10/2012 7:56:00 AM)

    OH GOSH THAT POEM TITLED LONELY....that is a very touching and nice poem, it really speaks to it made me feel like it is about me.

  • Binisic Younus (5/9/2012 12:06:00 PM)

    knowledge is knowledge is very good poem.I think there is nothing for appreciation of the poem.It should be the part of school curriculum.

  • Anshu Neha (5/9/2012 11:01:00 AM)

    Really a great poet..His poems have a clear message...Rhyming is superb and collection has diversity not only in term of content but also in the style...Wish you a great success...Keep it up...

  • Shubham Koul Shubham Koul (5/8/2012 2:25:00 PM)

    Good collection of inspirational poems.

  • Richard Lackman (4/29/2012 6:13:00 PM)

    Sashikant, I did read many of yoru poems and I enjoyed them. They certainly are intense and terse with no wasted words. Keep up he good work
    Richard Lackman

Best Poem of Shashikant Nishant Sharma

A Short Love Story

Started with meetings and greetings
Talked a lot in few sublime seatings
When I asked her name
She told very soon
My name is moon
I asked what do you want and why
She told me with a shy, sky
My dream is to fly so high
When I asked when you will meet next
She remained silent and later text
During the dawn of Doomsday
I thought and pondered all day
She had told with eyes filled of tear
I asked from what you fear my dear
She expressed the consequences of love
I thought she must have experienced love
Wanted to know who hurt her feeling
The last ...

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Dream Dream Dream

Dream dream dream
And dream untill dream come true
Life is nothing but dreams
Some accomplished, some unfinished
Some dreams are trifle, some cherished

You are nothing but a result of dreams
Dreams, dreams and nothing but dreams
A dream of someone

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