Shay Chesney

Rookie (Dec 25 1996 / Kelowna B.C)

Biography of Shay Chesney

Mother died when I was 3.
She divorced my father when I was 1 because he did drugs.
I am now living with my brother his wife and their 2 daughters. I am 12 years old and i'm in grade 7.
My intrests in life are: writing poems playing soccer and traveling the world. My best Friend Rochelle Bell also has poemhunter. Most my poems so far are about pain love and loss but they are going to get much happier... This summer starting July 27 I will be looking all over Kelowna for my father Fred Chesney. My brother said he saw my dad on Facebook once so if you have any time please help me search for him. His profile will probably saw
Fred Chesney Kelowna B.C. and he might have pictures of his wife and 2 step daughters. Thanks Ya'll Updates


The laughter dies away,
Leaving me alone,
Looking for one person,
that person is my dad.

He left while I was young,
didnt give a thought
But now my mom is gone
my family torn apart.

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