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Biography of Shay Mitchell

I'm 17 and completely lost. music is usually how i express my feelings. but when i found that i had a little talent for writing, i began using that as a release too. i started cutting when i was 13. i had been gang raped (read Unbarable Love) and i found that it was a greater addiction than any drug id tried. it became a fight against myself to not cut too deep. so i started writing. its helped me so much, n i have stopped cutting, but as you read my poems u will c they r depressing and very very....blunt. hope u like them! Updates

Unbearable Love

The breath-taking eyes,
That winning smile.
The feeling of their skin against yours,
The taste of their lips.
The steady beat of their heart,
The unique smell of their skin.
The person that your thinking of now,
The one that you love.
Imagine their eyes filled with hatred,

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