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I'm 17 and completely lost. music is usually how i express my feelings. but when i found that i had a little talent for writing, i began using that as a release too. i started cutting when i was 13. i had been gang raped (read Unbarable Love) and i found that it was a greater addiction than any drug id tried. it became a fight against myself to not cut too deep. so i started writing. its helped me so much, n i have stopped cutting, but as you read my poems u will c they r depressing and very very....blunt. hope u like them! Updates


Pain is a daily part of life,
Everywhere, someone is hurt.
All day everyday, all i feel is pain.
I have my own pain, but that's not all,
Because when someone else is in pain,
I feel it too.
Pain is my life.
If only i was strong enough to resist,
The temptation to protect everyone.

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