Shayla Reynolds

Rookie (November 2,1992 / Columbus Ohio)

Biography of Shayla Reynolds

i was born on November 2 1992
Wow so much has happend in my life that i dont know where to begain. most of my poety comes from the heart. see im dealing with this thing call depression. i was diegonsed with depressin in May Of 2008. my world came crashing down. i tryed to kill myself number of times and no one understood me. i have never felt so out of control of my own emotions, and believe me its not the best thing in the world. This monster inside is slowly being let go, but like anything bad, it takes time to get over. i make a promise to myself each and everyday, that i will not let my depression cantain me! i will not let it control my life like how i did once apon a time. i have grown to love myself and charish what is good, igore the bad. When i wirte i Vent! im not looking for a hand out and im not giving a sob story Updates

Whats The Good Life

The Good Life To You And The Good Life
For Me Are Not The Same.

Good To You Is Gucci And Luie
Good For Me Is A Throw Back And Levie

Good For You Is Bed Time Stories,
Soudless Nights

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