Shaylon Marie

Rookie [Shay] (April 24,1999 / Rock Springs, Wyoming)

Biography of Shaylon Marie

Was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming on april 24,1999. Her parents Amanda Rice (20 years old) , and Clinton Kampman (24 years old) moved her to Spearfish, South Dakota soon after. When she was two her parents got a divorce. Shaylon's mother followed a career in nursing and had to move to Rapid City, South Dakota to continue on. During their first year there her mother was hit by a car outside shay's school(General Beadle) . Her mother recovered. After another few years her mother got an opportunity to work on the rosebud indian reservation, which she took. Now in the year 2013 shay is 14 and about to enter high-school next year.
Favorite Quote ' if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.' Updates


Death is among us, it surounds us, engulfs us.
It is not an allusion, there is no way to cheat it.
Death comes at anytime, in anyplace.
Bringing us tears, happiness, and loneliness.
Even in our sleep death stalks us.
We all will face death either now or later.

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