Sheez Water

Biography of Sheez Water

Sheez Water grew up as an eighties baby in downtown Washington D.C.
One of ten children, Sheez was quiet and creative. Finding her voice through home study, Sheez developed her talents. She refined them through open poetry mikes, classroom studies, and a hell of a lot more life experience than necessary. At the age of fourteen she asked an Ethiopian sister if her unusual name meant anything in her language, she was brushed off with, “It doesn’t mean anything; it just translates into ‘she’s water’” Finding the translation beautiful, she kept the name as her pen. After going to college (with plans on going back) Ms. Waters now resides in a historic home on the outskirts of Baltimore with her child. Updates

Hate You

Sometimes I think
you think that I’m kidding
when I say that I hate you

I can’t stand you

You’ve got me listening to love songs

I can’t stand soft music