Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah

Rookie [Bahmedtijan] (Banjul, The Gambia)

Biography of Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah

My name is Sheikh Ahmed
every week i sit on my bed
whatever comes to my mind, I write
just started but it seems good, right? Updates

My Love

This is a poem about my love, my very beautiful love, not much to say just read the poem and you'll know everything about my love and our relation ship... PEACE <3 :)

They say I have a problem and I need help
I tell them not to worry, my heart should swell
It has to expand, because that's where my love dwells
And I have to make space for you too, my love is not jealous
She tells me to love you like I love me, and you know I am an egotist
But I don't mind, because then she tells me,

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