Sheila Knowles

Sheila Knowles Poems

1. Turned To Slush 12/27/2005
2. Mateo 2/4/2006
3. For The Man On The Box Outside My Local 3/25/2006
4. My Pens 4/19/2006
5. Easily Pleased 4/29/2006
6. Threads 7/21/2006
7. Elusive 8/26/2008
8. Moving House Or Home 9/30/2006
9. On The Verge Of Reason 4/16/2006
10. My Hands Are Rough 12/4/2005
11. Bohemia's Haze 12/4/2005
12. Interview On A Train 4/27/2006
13. Words Are Nothing 3/1/2006
14. The Pictures 3/12/2006
15. The Embers 1/28/2006
16. Deep Pile 11/11/2005
17. I Was Going To Write You A Poem 1/5/2006
18. Taking The Bus Past The Graveyard 12/2/2005
19. Revenge Of The Nipples 11/3/2005
20. Naked 10/11/2005
21. Ages 1/8/2006
22. Oases 9/9/2005
Best Poem of Sheila Knowles


I find
oases in strange places
the jewel inside each fool
the drift in every rift
the gold in words untold
the hidden lining shining
the smile beneath the guile
some gain in every pain
the cream in every dream

but I cannot
seem to see

the good in you

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My Hands Are Rough

My hands are rough
I can see the lines
and how they’ve changed their route
across my palms

and I saw you stare at them
and then at me

but I’ve nothing left to give

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