Sheldon Carruthers

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Sheldon Carruthers Quotes

  • ''The only pathway to Truth is to lie then lie some more. for the freedom to lie is the the only truth''
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  • ''If justice does not win then the world loses a part of its soul. The question then arises how much of its soul does the world have left until it tips over into tyranny and despotism''
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  • ''God is everywhere, I am nowhere''
  • ''you can't kill racism only educate it and even then you can't get rid of it.''
    God Knows
  • ''I text therefore I am''
  • ''God loves schizophrenics, the Devil loves psychiatrists''
    mental health
  • ''You cannot kill racism but it can kill you?''
    conversarion with cab driver
  • ''It took a genius like einstien to come up with an idea that could destroy the planet but only a god could create it whether you call that god natural law or Allah. contrariwise if you can destroy a planet couldn't you also create a planet with right conditions? YES''
  • ''human beings are only limited by two things
    One: their imaginations
    Two: natural resources
    only one of which is limited''
  • ''The mad are not responsible for their actions
    where as the psychiatrists are not accountable for their actions when treating the mad''

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Best Poem of Sheldon Carruthers

There Is No Justice

There is no justice for the unborn child murdered in the womb
There is no justice for the weak the poor or those who die too soon
There is no justice for every unrequited love when at first it seems it was sent from heaven above
There is no justice for those in pain, the deaf, the blind, the lame and those who go insane
There is no justice for the common man even though you try to complain
There is justice when you die for in that we are all the same

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End Of The World Man

The affluent create the effluent that runs into the sea
Poisoning all the fishes killing you and me
Global warming for the poor so the rich can drive their 4x4s
close the door on everbody's suffering or simply choose to ignore
Don't want to bore you with all the facts but the world is dieing man
and there's no going back

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