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Shelly Price

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'Never be afraid to feel love...be more afraid not to'.
-Shelly Price

My poetry is written about the most exquisite emotion known to mankind...LOVE.
My poems represent the turbulent and often overwhelming feelings and emotions that I have experienced while in love. I have written about many colossal emotions...passion, lust, pain, joy, ecstasy, betrayal, anger...all centered around being in love or being heart broken because of love. I offer my poetry to you so that you may feel some of what I have felt...in LOVE.
May each of you find your true love in life...never stop looking for it until you do.

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A Single Tear

Shadows dance on the walls as I lay next to you,
I'm hypnotized by your breathing as you sleep.
I feel an overwhelming sense of peace within me,
which has caused a single tear to roll onto my cheek.

This tear has fallen, fallen for all the yesterday's,
for all the pain I've caused and for all the sorrow.
A single tear has fallen to wash away all my wrongs,
to make way for love in our life together tomorrow.