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I adore music, art & poetry. I'm an artist that enjoys working in all mediums. I paint on everything! Canvas, rocks, saws, gourds, etc. I mostly paint & draw animals, especially wildlife. I have never been married or have no children, except for my 3 idiots...I mean dogs.... :) I was a nanny for 11 years to twins and have spent my life taking care of my sick parents. I look forward to reading your work & I hope I can touch a few of you, with tenderness or laughter....may we all grow from each others writings, Shelly :) Updates

Lily's Rose Garden

The cloudless summer day
beckoned him to the rose garden,
'her' rose garden.
Opening the gate he wondered,
how long had it been since he dared
to walk on this hallowed ground?
The flower's fragrant welcome
encircled him,
drawing Charles' memory back

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