Sherrie Lowe

Biography of Sherrie Lowe

I am a divorced mother of two adult sons and nanna to a lovely grandson. I have been writing for eighteen years seriously - many before that playing at it - since becoming ill with M.E. I have written numerous poems, six novels and a memoir. All books are available from
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Sherrie Lowe's Works:

Song of the Phoenix
Angel Breaths
The Author, The gardener and The Woman What Does
Shadow Across the Sun (a memoir)
The Willow's Dip series which consists of:
A Lapse of Sanity Book 1
After the Solstice Book 2, the sequel
Free Flight Book 3 Updates


You, who were once my rock, now gone.
A different face, a different you,
An indifference.
What once mattered no longer does.
I am insignificant, unimportant, shunned.
You are a stranger, not the real you,
No room in your life for what used to count.
Time severs ties.
Without a rock the tide of life floods the land