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Sherry Painter Poems

41. Break Away From These Chains 7/20/2012
42. You Think You Know All There Is To Know About Me? 7/20/2012
43. Holding You Tight: 8/2/2012
44. Buried In My Sorrows: 8/5/2012
45. That Is Us: 8/6/2012
46. Every Day: 8/6/2012
47. Punished With Hateful Words: 8/7/2012
48. We Ended Up In Hell 8/7/2012
49. Music 8/7/2012
50. I'M Missin' You 8/7/2012
51. Stay The Night 8/10/2012
52. I Called, And I Have Been Resived: 8/11/2012
53. Let Down 8/11/2012
54. She Has Fier In Her Soul 8/12/2012
55. The Front Porch Light Is On: 8/13/2012
56. Love: 8/13/2012
57. Walking Beauty: 8/13/2012
58. God: 8/13/2012
59. I Wanna Love Like Johnny And June: 8/13/2012
60. I'D Come For You: 8/14/2012
61. Saved! 8/16/2012
62. Steals My Heart: 8/17/2012
63. Beautiful: 8/19/2012
64. Put Down Your Sword: 8/19/2012
65. In Loveing Memory Too: James Painter: 8/21/2012
66. Epiphany: 1/1/2013
67. Foget The Bad Times, But Don'T Forget The Good: 1/22/2013
68. Miss U Much: 1/26/2013
69. Memories On These Walls: 2/4/2013
70. I Will: 2/18/2013
71. I Wanna Sweep You Away 5/28/2013
72. Take Me Away: 6/27/2013
73. I Wouldn'T Have It Any Other Way: 6/27/2013
74. Hearts 9/22/2013
75. Catastrophe: 4/12/2013
76. Scream 4/11/2013
77. Lingers 1/12/2014
78. Music, It Is A Class Of It's Own: 1/12/2014
79. Really 3/3/2014
80. Love Is Forever Strong, So Let Your Love Blossom The Way It Should: 3/23/2014
Best Poem of Sherry Painter

I Want To Kiss You:

I want to kiss your sweet lips,
To feel them against mine,
They look so deliciously sweet,
So delectable
Your delectable,
I everyway,
Body and in mind.

I want to kiss you,
I want to kiss you sweet and slow,
I want to kiss you deep and rough,
I want to kiss you.

Because I need to,
Because I want to
Because I need to kiss you, Every day,
All day,
Every day of the week,
Every week of the month,
Every month in the year.

I want to kiss you,
For the hell of it,
I want to kiss you for the joy of it,
For my ...

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Every Mile I Walk:

Every mile I walk,
I'm making memories,
One, good or bad,
There still apart of me.

Every mile I walk,
I'll make a memory,
It could have been bad or good,
It could be wonderful or regrettable,
But ether one, there still apart of me...

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