Sherry Painter

Rookie - 72 Points (Florida)

Sherry Painter Poems

81. Walking Beauty: 8/13/2012
82. God: 8/13/2012
83. I Wanna Love Like Johnny And June: 8/13/2012
84. I'D Come For You: 8/14/2012
85. Saved! 8/16/2012
86. Steals My Heart: 8/17/2012
87. Beautiful: 8/19/2012
88. Put Down Your Sword: 8/19/2012
89. In Loveing Memory Too: James Painter: 8/21/2012
90. I Ache For You 7/10/2012
91. 'I Hear Her Voice': 7/11/2012
92. She Closed The Door: 11/28/2012
93. They Say I'M Not Good For You: 8/7/2012
94. Will You Catch Me When I Fall? 7/25/2012
95. I Wanna Run: 6/22/2012
96. How Do We Know What Heaven Looks Like? : 6/6/2012
97. Forget About Him: 4/21/2012
98. Your Dreams, You Life! : 7/6/2012
99. When I Say His Name: 6/17/2012
100. Lonely: 7/16/2012
101. I Walk The Line: 9/24/2012
102. My Angel 4/8/2012
103. The Start Of Spring: 4/1/2012
104. Rebel Girl: 6/19/2012
105. This Is Me: 8/6/2012
106. This Is Your Life! : 6/12/2012
107. I Couldn'T Sleep Because Of You! : 7/10/2012
108. 'Darkness': 8/11/2012
109. Home: 4/22/2012
110. I Wanna Love You 8/14/2012
111. Rise Above: 8/13/2012
112. Dancing With The Devil: 4/20/2012
113. I Want To Kiss You: 6/22/2012
Best Poem of Sherry Painter

I Want To Kiss You:

I want to kiss your sweet lips,
To feel them against mine,
They look so deliciously sweet,
So delectable
Your delectable,
I everyway,
Body and in mind.

I want to kiss you,
I want to kiss you sweet and slow,
I want to kiss you deep and rough,
I want to kiss you.

Because I need to,
Because I want to
Because I need to kiss you, Every day,
All day,
Every day of the week,
Every week of the month,
Every month in the year.

I want to kiss you,
For the hell of it,
I want to kiss you for the joy of it,
For my ...

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Sweet Sound:

Do you hear that sweet sound?
That sweet sound I call a melody,
The melody that puts me to sleep,
The melody that puts my mind at ease for the night,
The melody that keeps the bad dreams away,
The melody that still makes my heart race....

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