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Rookie (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

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Sherylyn Knighten poet

Different things inspire me to write. I write when I'm happy, depressed, frustrated, covetous, or bored. My personality falls somewhere between introvert and extrovert. I am honest, outspoken, open-minded, intelligent, and somewhat talented. I can be hard or soft, rough or smooth, sweet or sour, depending on how my day goes from one point to the next and on what I choose to show. I will do anything for the people I love. I like to take the scenic route whenever I can. Updates

Summer In January

Time stops
For one brief instant
While you're sitting with your eyes closed
On the upswing
The scent of something from long ago
Lingers in the air
Unidentifiable and undeniable
It takes you away to that timeless place
Those innocent days

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