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i am an 15 year old girl and yes i am a cutter not proud but not gonna lie either. and i get tired of ppl asking so there is the ansrew u dont have to ask. I have black hair and i am only half japanese. My american side shows up more them my japanese side does. In my life i am depressed i act happy around my friends but i'm truly not and i'm getting sick of the acting carerr......=_= so im most licky gonna stop who cares if ppl know i'm depressed anyway back on the me part i'm into jpop and i may not rhyme in my poetry but i do make it make since. i have been cheated on a few times and during those times i write alot of sad poems then again i can go months without writing on poem. so be warned on that.

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sorry have non not that popular. Updates

Love Stinks

why is it when you finally find love
it slips and all u have is a grave of once was there
or maby a toy bear they gave you
do you burn it?
or let it collect dust in ur room?
what ever you do tell me when you know
a lost girl in this big world
only to fall into traps of the opposit sex
and all i seem to think is

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