Shikha Gupta

Rookie (18-01-1988 / Bangalore)

Shikha Gupta Poems

1. Today 10/12/2007
2. Threads 10/13/2007
3. A Little Bit Of A Lot Of Blah 10/15/2007
4. Open Brackets 10/23/2007
5. The Reprieve 1/9/2008
6. Man Slut 4/13/2008
7. Wait Loss 6/22/2008
8. Peek-A-Boo 7/31/2008
9. Now Here's Why 11/8/2008
10. Funeral In The Starless Night 6/18/2008
11. That's Such A Lie 2/9/2008
12. Knowing Idiots 12/1/2007
13. Semiology 12/24/2007
14. And 2/3/2008
15. Dry Day 10/6/2007
16. He Says. She Says. 4/19/2008
17. Nothing Much 11/8/2008
18. Tissue Paper Poem 9/27/2008
19. Psycho Analyse 10/10/2007
20. Three Little Yous 11/3/2007
21. Surprise Surprise 10/23/2007
22. This Is Just To Say... 2/28/2008
23. Hey 8/31/2008
24. I Know You Know Me 10/7/2007

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Best Poem of Shikha Gupta

I Know You Know Me

So one day
I was walking down the street
When I met a man who claimed to know me
I don’t think it’s true, you know,
'Cause how could he have possibly known me?

'Cause knowing me
Would mean
Knowing what I feel like
Right now
While you sit waiting
For a divine revelation
And I’m thinking
What a funny situation
That you think you know me
From bygone days
But don’t know that you make my fingers twitch
While I try and hold
Your gaze

So the man he says he knows me
And I think
That’s funny
It’s funny enough to ...

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Dry Day

The connoisseur.

He owns a glass of wine to his hand
Takes in a mouthful.
He swirls it around nice and easy
And waits.

The anticipation.

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