Shikha Gupta

Rookie (18-01-1988 / Bangalore)

Shikha Gupta Poems

1. Today 10/12/2007
2. Threads 10/13/2007
3. A Little Bit Of A Lot Of Blah 10/15/2007
4. Open Brackets 10/23/2007
5. The Reprieve 1/9/2008
6. Man Slut 4/13/2008
7. Wait Loss 6/22/2008
8. Peek-A-Boo 7/31/2008
9. Now Here's Why 11/8/2008
10. Funeral In The Starless Night 6/18/2008
11. That's Such A Lie 2/9/2008
12. Knowing Idiots 12/1/2007
13. Semiology 12/24/2007
14. And 2/3/2008
15. Dry Day 10/6/2007
16. He Says. She Says. 4/19/2008
17. Nothing Much 11/8/2008
18. Tissue Paper Poem 9/27/2008
19. Psycho Analyse 10/10/2007
20. Three Little Yous 11/3/2007
21. Surprise Surprise 10/23/2007
22. This Is Just To Say... 2/28/2008
23. Hey 8/31/2008
24. I Know You Know Me 10/7/2007

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I Know You Know Me

So one day
I was walking down the street
When I met a man who claimed to know me
I don’t think it’s true, you know,
'Cause how could he have possibly known me?

'Cause knowing me
Would mean
Knowing what I feel like
Right now
While you sit waiting
For a divine revelation
And I’m thinking
What a funny situation
That you think you know me
From bygone days
But don’t know that you make my fingers twitch
While I try and hold
Your gaze

So the man he says he knows me
And I think
That’s funny
It’s funny enough to ...

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When under the 5 o'clock sun
Under your skin
You skim
From the crusts of the reckless babble
To pick out one and one
From the tapestry of colours running on and on and on
Until they fall upon
A criminal knot of two wayward threads.
Two yellow threads.

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