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937. ' Times Supplement' 2/22/2007
938. A Dilemma 5/25/2007
939. A Fourth Dimension 6/29/2008
940. A Cat In Residence 9/17/2008
941. ' Humble And Humane 8/5/2007
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' Humble And Humane

species, species one and all
who is smartest of them all-
domestic animals invented, breeds
caged to feed, to work, to please
for comfort and our ease,

can they think, ache and communicate
we gathered and wandered
vast steepes, arid deserts, smokey jungles
climbed craggy cliffs, immigrated
to seashores and off shores

ranged and roamed the planet
paternal scientists became
of their fate and destiny
feed starve and eat, often make extinct
humane and humble ask, can they think

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Great systems have smaller systems
That feed on divinity
Smaller systems have lesser systems
And so on to infinity

Shimon Weinroth

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