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shiny shine Poems

1. Explain 3/8/2010
2. I Remember Once 7/28/2010
3. At Night 1/2/2010
4. Some-Times 8/17/2007
5. Obstacles 1/2/2010
6. I Can'T..... But I Can 6/3/2009
7. Dungeon 2/1/2007
8. I Remember 2/7/2010
9. Forever 5/29/2007
10. Before 6/7/2009
11. Together 6/16/2009
12. Letting Go 5/22/2009
13. I Will Remeber.... 5/29/2007
14. Midnight Rider 1/31/2007
15. Why Should I 5/22/2008
16. Before We Met 6/17/2009
17. Best Friends 2/15/2007
18. Broken Friendship 6/29/2007
19. Death 8/17/2007
20. Friendship Or Love 5/25/2007
21. Beach 2/1/2007
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As I walk along the deserted beach
I feel the damp sand surronding my feet
I feel the cool relaxing breeze creep up upon me with ease
As I look out at the restless waves my thoughts unwind like restless days
The beach is a very quiet and calming place

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Midnight Rider

As I wonder through the trees
I hear a softly calling breeze
Come to me, come to me, it pleas
Weakly wondering, with all my might
I stumble upon a most terrifying sight
Come to me, come to me, it pleas
Reaching out with its fingers of death
it beackons me and leaves out its breath
Trembling from head to toe suddenly I seem to know

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