Shireen Ramadan

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Biography of Shireen Ramadan

My name is Shireen 'Mocka'. I'm 23 years old & Egyptian, I graduated from Faculty of Arts English dep. on 2011. I worked in call centers field for 2 years & now I'm working as a customer service advisor in Sony UK based in Egypt. My poetry is mainly talking about those themes 'suicide, misanthropy, mythology, anti-religions, nature, cosmic dimensions, despair, darkness, evil, revenge, ...etc' Updates

Poseidon In Morgue

She slapped the spheres of existence
With thunderbolts escape
She married Poseidon for living
Shaping the morgue in everyone

She & I are sculpted in ME
She is the grand tree ov life
Her ghouls ov lost gods in tissue
I felt Poseidon dwelt in limbs

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