Shireen Ramadan

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Biography of Shireen Ramadan

My name is Shireen 'Mocka'. I'm 23 years old & Egyptian, I graduated from Faculty of Arts English dep. on 2011. I worked in call centers field for 2 years & now I'm working as a customer service advisor in Sony UK based in Egypt. My poetry is mainly talking about those themes 'suicide, misanthropy, mythology, anti-religions, nature, cosmic dimensions, despair, darkness, evil, revenge, ...etc' Updates

I Was Dead Before

I was a concubine in the sultan's harim
I was dirt in palates ov eunuchs
I was united in one spell ov chastity
I was on the edge of precipice

I pleased the sultan to eat decay
I cursed a fortress catameniac
I called the wind in seven directions
The horrors ov women cadavers

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