Shireen Ramadan

Rookie (14/5/2012)

Shireen Ramadan Poems

1. Gallery Ov Moses 8/11/2012
2. Unfinished, Am I? 8/11/2012
3. Aborted Ism 8/11/2012
4. Dreamers 8/11/2012
5. Shakespeares Unfold! 8/11/2012
6. Libertine 8/11/2012
7. Amen Painkillers 8/11/2012
8. Spartacus In Concept 8/11/2012
9. Metal For Them! 8/11/2012
10. Ants Ov Haram, Thy Spell! 8/11/2012
11. Memory Light 8/11/2012
12. Acid Akbar! 8/11/2012
13. Cataclysm Wordage 8/11/2012
14. Lady &Quot;Sins&Quot; Over Siege 8/11/2012
15. Incinerators' Era Ov Vermin 8/11/2012
16. Puritans Inverting Cuckolds! 8/11/2012
17. Ravens In Job' The Prophet'! 8/11/2012
18. Eyes! Lakes! My Phantoms! 8/11/2012
19. Shame! Oil! Metamorphosis! 8/11/2012
20. Resolution Ov Tide, Far Mansions! 8/11/2012
21. Strawberry! Death Masquerades! 8/11/2012
22. Iscariots In Fade! 8/11/2012
23. Noble Savages Are Brains 7/13/2012
24. I Was Dead Before 7/16/2012
25. Abused 7/16/2012
26. Poseidon In Morgue 7/16/2012
27. Womb Rhythms 7/16/2012
28. I Passed The Cornfield 7/16/2012
29. Apple-Eye 7/17/2012
30. Rose Married 7/25/2012
31. Paper Doll 7/25/2012
32. Diary Nosebleed 7/25/2012
33. To The Death Ov Malakout! 8/11/2012
34. Diary Nosebleed Ii 7/30/2012
35. Feed Me Opera! Thugs & Lycans! 8/11/2012

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Feed Me Opera! Thugs & Lycans!

Keep your eyes on the ground; I'm the force ov empty in your system.
To germinate in a royal cavity, waste ov human gene.
I'm a fleshy activated weapon in chains; I'm a slave to Shiva in mass destruction.
Set me free; remove my shackles, in thunder ov bowels, for the cannibal deity.
We don't die often, to console with animals & beetles ov hunger.
We're not your tamed, we're the vision, we're the Lycans.
Wolves ov Ezra as children ov night, in dreaming eyes ov lost sapphire.
We raise in fire focus, in force ov betrayers, to handle us as dolls ov devil, as Seraph in higher ...

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Womb Rhythms

The only company is my screams in a dark mind ov fear
Mass hearts from ashes, grinding his mercy
Slaughtering me in numb fingers & comatose twisting belief
Brainwashed in nerve fever, ov religious unclear

God's fever in black disease for figures unpagan
As if he's a scientist to cook raw brains Pyrrhonic
Sadism in dark minds over worshipped relief
As if I'm acting experiment ov void ironic

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