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My name is Shirley Morgan (author) and I can be viewed on I have also recently been published in Hollywood weekly magazine in August 2014. Pg 26. I have mostly resided in Los Angeles CA. I really like writing books, poetry and currently working on a play production and additional books. Please visit my google plus page @ Shirley Morgan (spider) I am a Christian first and hope what I write about can inspire others

Shirley Morgan's Works:

Shirley Morgan (Author) If you only knew. Bought the shoes bought

Hollywood weekly magazine August 2014 pg,26 Updates

Story Of New Orleans

New Orleans ' Wall Street dog'
For me I give my condolences to the Mopkins' family in New Orleans'.
It's just something to think about New Orleans'
Is it the Riverwalks, masks.bayou, food, jazz, levee's or your roots.
They say life is what we make it.
Did my heritage make that?
(Hurricane Katrina) .
Is that what Wall Street wants you
to believe

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