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Shirley Morgan Poems

1. A Passport Is Just A Passport In Portugal 2/27/2014
2. When You Lose, Always Reference Job 42: 12 3/15/2014
3. Pam Stop Lyingl 3/20/2014
4. The Chicken Under The Bed 4/6/2014
5. Sun 4/6/2014
6. When Women Hurt 4/9/2014
7. Alzheimer's 2/17/2014
8. Ganesha, Sin Town 10/4/2014
9. The Dark House 5/19/2015
10. Jazz Harlem Renaissance 8/25/2015
11. Decept 9/29/2015
12. The Storm 5/5/2016
13. If You Only Knew, Bought The Shoes Bought The Hat. 7/19/2016
14. Skateboarding 8/9/2016
15. A Smile 3/2/2017
16. The Illusion Of Not Understanding Race 4/27/2017
17. Lyrics, His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful 1/23/2018
18. Maya Angelou 2014 6/1/2014
19. Love Don'T Have No Name On It! 9/23/2014
20. Palisades Park New Jersey 4/21/2014
21. ' Bleeding Hearts' 2/21/2014
22. Story Of New Orleans 2/8/2014
23. A Blue's Song Of A Evil Woman 2/22/2014
24. A Jazz Dance 1940's 2/22/2014
25. I Found The Fountain Of Youth 2/27/2014
26. Pagans 4/21/2014
27. All Lives Matter 7/19/2016

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Best Poem of Shirley Morgan

All Lives Matter

Black use to be the color of paint
Today it's used to describe a race of people
Maybe that is the reason why mankind decided to put
the name Black on color folks.
yes Black lives matter.
Don't hit me, beat me or call me names.
what's in the inside of me will come out
red as a rose and Roses are beautiful
for all mankind and can save lives.
so don't deny me to live safe free from harm
All lives matter.

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' Bleeding Hearts'

My heart bled when you left me for a younger woman. It's really funny how life unfold. I have heard plenty of sermons preached. ' Don't marry for looks'.
When you get older, your hair falls out, your teeth falls out, and you will fall out.
He did'nt mention about that young huzzy.
Yea, the one who likes to dance on a pole.
My heart has fallen out but man looks at the outer appearance but, God looks at the heart and in time will heal the bleeding heart.

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