Shirley Woods

Rookie (15/2/67 / Liverpool)

Biography of Shirley Woods

I am just a person struggling with life's minor and major issues - just the same as everyone else. I am here at Poemhunter to present a uniqueness that is me and to talk with my inner voice. I came last year and posted the site with a variety of poems - but now I am just taking the time to post as and when I feel the need. Life changes, we change and that is all good. Life is an experiment, sometimes we can anticipate the outcome but most of the time we flail around looking to others to provide care, help and answers for us. I am trying to take the time to look within. Well that is a small snippet of my own personal philosophy - not up for discussion just my own slant on life. Updates

The World At Large

Lock the doors and pull the blinds
The world is mad - it's scary times.

The streets are violent, full of blood
Up the wrong alley will do you no good.

Drugs are pedalled and up they are shot
It's just pot luck if it's a good batch you got.

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