shival seth

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Biography of shival seth

Ordinarily people will consider me distant, from the usual emotion of human life…
But how ordinary are people any way
I suppose I look at life a little differently my impressions are molded by series of advanced action which are not in my control and I have grown from this life……

shival seth's Works:

These will be soon...fews books i wrote...
life at 21.
Jenny did it again.
i have a amazing insight.
vocalisation of emotions. Updates

Stranger Things

Goddamn 'these stars to my room'
This hazy afternoon
I'm breathing in the silence like I've never before
This feeling that i get
This one last shot of sprite
As i lay awaken and wait for you to come through from door
Oh maybe, maybe, maybe i can share it with you
I behave i behave i behave so i can share it with you

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