Shoaib Mohammad Rigoo

Rookie [Ali ibn Hussain Zayn ul Abidin] (9th August 1991 / Srinagar, Kashmir)

Biography of Shoaib Mohammad Rigoo

Born in Srinagar, Kashmir in 1991, Shoaib Mohammad holds a first class degree in Business Management from Kashmir University and is a practicing Chartered Accountant currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Finance from Kashmir University and a Bachelors degree in law from University of London International Programs.
Shoaib Mohammad is also a freelance writer and photographer contributing articles regularly in regional newspapers and magazines. His passion for poetry comes from his deep reading and understanding of the poetry of Aga Shahid Ali and the folklores of his country kashmir.
Shoaib lives with his parents in Srinagar and writes poems and songs of all genres. Updates

Song Of Love

Build you a castle inside my heart to thrive
Alas! No space beloved, But affection alive

In cups made of earth, Drink tea oh you
Dear, I am supposed to die tonight, Hurry

Oh! My copper body eaten by corrosion
Alas! No space, But affection alive

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