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1. Revelation Of Reality 12/2/2009
2. My Grieve! ! ! ... 12/2/2009
3. Bereavement 12/8/2009
4. Club Football 11/3/2009
5. Wonder Land 11/19/2009
6. Your Name 12/19/2009
7. Who'Ll Unveil The Hidden Truth? 12/19/2009
8. Dying For Hope 12/23/2009
9. Determination 12/23/2009
10. Thank You God 12/20/2009
11. …in The Name Of Friendship (2) 1/25/2010
12. Journey Myth 1/25/2010
13. ...In The Nameof Friendship (3) 5/15/2010
14. Overkilling 5/15/2010
15. Evil One 11/19/2009
16. Me, Myself And I 5/15/2010
17. Girlfriend 12/23/2009
18. Celebrate Or Cry 12/26/2009
19. Raining In The Raining Season 12/26/2009
20. News From Heaven 12/19/2009
21. Trade Of The Gladiators 12/19/2009
22. Back To My Root 12/9/2009
23. ...In The Name Of Friendship (1) 12/26/2009

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...In The Name Of Friendship (1)

It all started in the name of friendship
As fun in our compound
Seeing both merry-go-round
Acting as serious as convert
Sometimes it looks like courtship

It all started in the name of friendship
Now it’s turning to relationship
The intimacy is becoming profound
When he breathes, she’s around
Obviously, it showed in their converse

It all started in the name of friendship
But who will turn the name around?
With both engulfed in affection snip
Nursing it in covert
Waiting for first to propound

It all started in the name of ...

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Club Football

Roaring and shouting dominating the air
Boys rushing down the street
Every attention towards a centre alone
Discussion and arguments consuming the scene
As if programmed, silence appeared at kick off
Its champions league again!

Gentlemen seated glued to the TV
Some standing for late coming

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