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Rookie (January 20,1991 / Detroit Michigan)

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My name is Re'Shondria Adkins and I am 16 years. I attend the Detroit School of Arts located in Detroit Michigan. I major in radio/tv. I would like to persue the career of an actress, dancer or lawyer. I write poems to better express my thoughts and feelings. I've been through alot these 15 years on earth. Experiencing different types of abuses keeps me moving. I feel i want to give up most of the time but I just take time to pray and keep my faith in God. I get so confused sometimes on what I should do next. I try and live my life day by day and to the fullest extinct. I am a very talented person so I try to keep my focus on my arts and not the world.

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Days I'Ll Love You

Day 1 I'll love you, day 2 I'll love you,
Day 3 I'll love you 4.
Day 5 I'll love you, day 6 I'll love you,
Day 7 I'll love you more!
Day 8 I'll love you, day 9 I'll love you,
10th day and then 11.
I'll love you more and more,
until we meet again in heaven.

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