Shree Parno

Freshman - 545 Points [Shreeparno] (West Bengal)

Biography of Shree Parno

Shree Parno poet

SHREEPARNO: Shreeparno -a modern Poet, lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. His home district is Bankura, West Bengal.
He can writing in English and Bengali language.
Many of his poems published in various Bengali and English magazines and website.
He had written two Bengali poetry book, named Nisshabder Gharbari(2010) and Nivanta Alor Him(2011) .Both the books had published from Kolkata. He is an Assistant Professor in Bengali and also a researcher of Bengali Language and Literature.

Shree Parno's Works:

1.Nisshobder Ghorbarhi by Shreeparno, Published from Parampara Prakashan, Kolkata (2010)
ISBN 9789380869025
2.Nivanta Alor Him by Shreeparno, Published from Parampara Prakashan, from Kolkata (2011)
ISBN 9789380869261 Updates

A Chance


Give me a chance to be your close,
offer me another option please.
O baby! please think the life is rare,
Today I will keep a rose upon your hair.
Makes thy time, I will remember ever.

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