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Shreej k.c Poems

121. Existence 4/14/2015
122. Happiness 5/8/2015
123. Man 4/9/2015
124. Poise 4/9/2015
125. Peace 3/31/2015
126. Tricky Trail 4/1/2015
127. Scattered Beads 6/26/2015
128. Haiku-Viii 5/12/2016
129. Haiku-V 5/12/2016
130. The End Chapter 11/20/2015
131. Lost 9/21/2015
132. Laughing Buddha 8/25/2015
133. We Humans? 8/29/2015
134. Sweet Poison 10/18/2015
135. Haiku-Iv 5/10/2016
136. Haiku-Ii 5/8/2016
137. I Envy Them... 3/22/2015
138. Fact, Fancy And Fate. 3/21/2015
139. Mangoes 7/29/2015
140. Haiku-I 5/8/2016
141. Haiku-Iii 5/9/2016
142. Poetry Against Terror- Let Us... 12/25/2015
143. I Give Up! ! ! 3/22/2015
Best Poem of Shreej k.c

I Give Up! ! !

I try to breathe but end up in deep sighs
I try to point out but ignore like the blind eyes
I try to unleash but get tangled in unbreakable chain
I try to endure but get stabbed with excruciating pain
I try to revive but then…I give up!

I always get one for you but you look for the other
I move to erase the distance but you ran further
I hope to explain you but you challenge my dignity
I approach to hear you but you pose your insanity
I think of rebelling but then…I give up! !

I wish to smell the fragrance but get pricked by the thorn
I wish to ...

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I Envy Them...

Brave are those who keep faith and follow their heart
In this fraudulence, fuss and treacherous mart

Blessed are those who can heed their inner echoes
Despite these blaring bellows and constant chaos

Mighty are those who can dream not in vain
But bear and brawl until they gain

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