Shreyas Sarasan

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Biography of Shreyas Sarasan

I grew up in a comfortable and supportive household... we were never that rich, but we managed along pretty well. In terms of a family, we are really a well knit group... My mother has had a great influence on me and I consider her one of my few ideals.. Obviously she has faults, but those don't compare with her virtues... I'm just 17 as of today and my poetic streak comes from my father who happens to b a happy go lucky guy, much in contrast with my mother. And I, am a perfect mixture of both, juggling hedonism and idealism is a fight I fight every day. I hope to end it someday... as of now, this same fight fuels me to write, as a lot of my poems are a result of the tension in myself that's resultive of this internal battle... Updates

Destiny Beckons

This Man stands,
Teetering on the cliff of destiny...
Two ways are divergin',
Wary though He is...
Enthusiasm pumping like adrenalin;
Thinks if this would last..
All the other ones went by,
Transient and short lived..
Hoping this one doesn't go..

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