Shridhar Tilve

(1 December 1964 - / Kolhapur, Maharashtra / India)

Biography of Shridhar Tilve

Shridhar Tilve poet

Shridhar Tilve is an Indian poet, philosopher, novelist, director, actor and playwright.

His father Shantaram was a shopkeeper, painter and classical singer. His mother Nalini is a housewife and once was an actress. His maternal and paternal family is Pujari of Rawalnath temple in Nageshi and politically active in their village Nageshi-Bandiwade. His maternal uncle Rohidas Naik actively participated in Goa Freedom Struggle and after freedom became sarpanch and later won election twice and became an M L A of GOA vidhansabha (1973-77 and 1977-81). He also acted as president of Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. This family background has great influence on Shridhar Tilve.

Shridhar Tilve is an all rounder personality and worked as novelist, director, actor, play writer. He is one of the most important poets and critics of the post-cold war era of contemporary Marathi literature.

Currently he is working as a freelance writer / director and running his own production house, Srujan Films International.

He has built up an ontology of semiodities in Indian context touching contemporary world-view. He has coined the term 'Chouthi Navata' to the entire process of conversion of commodity to "semiodity". As per his argument, the world in which we exist is nothing but a world of "semiodity" & the man in this world is constantly nagged by semiodification the process created by Post Post Modern Era. According to him, in India, Post Industrial context was totally different from European & American context; so India needs new philosophy & sociology to explore the changes created by Post Industrial ethos.He created his own Post Industrial Darshan to explore it & has initiated a movement of 'Chouthi Navata', which encompasses the Post Modern & Post Post Modern attitudes in Indian context. He has criticised on Post Modernism sponsored by Euro-centric or Americo-centric methodology, constructed by Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard. According to him, these thinkers are irrelevant in India & their so called binary opposition has no position in Asiatic phenomenon.

He has attacked eminent poets & critics like Dilip Chitre, Hemant Divate, Bhalchandra Nemade, Arun Kolatkar, Vilas Sarang vehemently and deconstructed contradictions in their critique in such a way that their contribution has become questionable. Then he was literally & literally out cast by established movements for 15 years. Fortunately new generation is taking him seriously, his meditation & construction of Indian ethos is becoming popular among them.

He has also criticized Karl Marx & initiated a movement to construct the new India in the post-industrial era following Indian tradition & its deconstruction.

His collection of poems - Eka Bharatiya Vidyarthyache Udgar and Ka Vee have been published by Popular Prakashan (Popular Publication).

Well known as philosopher & critic. The collection of essays on aesthetics of arts & philosophy of India has been published under title "TEEKAHARAN"('99 Criticisms) by Shabdhvel Prakashan. His another book on Indian aesthetic titled Margi Aani Deshi (Global & Native) was published by Popular Prakashan in 2009. This book criticised the literary movement launched by Nativist & philosophy of Nativism & tries to establish the balance between global & native culture.

His epic novel ADA.HAW. KA BA NA SU NA contains 1024 pages of hybrid presentation of prose, poetry, interviews, film scenes, one act play critique etc. internetting various genres and breaks the establishment of single genre. It explores the world and transformation of first young cosmopolitan generation who faces the post-liberation and globalisation between 1987 to 1993.

His full-length prose Aatmacharitratil Kalpanic Kshan – Touchy, Touchable and Untouchable is published by Shabdhavel. This novel is on one level accepting Jacques Lacan's contribution in psychoanalysis & yet deconstructs it in reference of untouchability. Using Gautama Buddha's 'Darshan' & Lacan's psychoanalysis he creates parallel discourse in prose & poetry forms in such a way that reader feels the complexity & loose ends of philosophy in caste structure of India.

His collection of stories titled AMERIKECHE ADHYAKSHA ALE TEVHACHI GOSHT is published by NAVTA PRAKASHAN in 2011. Stories are related with emergency, Bhopal gas tragedy, an arrival of Bill Clinton, death of science and reaction of nastik, Mahatma Basweshwar, existential miracles, love story under the shadow of dalit-election politics, twin tower attack and imaginary death of poet and his last day experience.

He has attended and represented numerous scholarly seminars, symposia and study circles and delivered the lectures almost on every sphere of the life. He was an ex-coeditor of Abhidha and during his tenure he transformed its romantic structure to rebellious structure. He was an editor of (1993 to 2005) and now is publisher of Navniyatkalik (non-periodical) namely Sousthav from last several years from Mumbai.


Literary Awards

He has received a prestigious Keshavsut Award as a best young writer given by Govt. of Maharashtra in 1992-93 and also received Sahakarmaharshi Vangmay Puraskar as a young talent along with Vijay Tendulkar in 2005.

Best Talent in Film & Theater Awards

Zee Gaurav Puraskar (Award) 2009 for the best story writer for the film, 'Joshi ki Kamble' (Marathi movie) which is based on caste reservation system in India.

He has also received prestigious Maharashtra Times Sanman (Award) popularly known as 'Mata Sanman' for the best story, screen play & dialogue for the same movie 'Joshi ki Kamble' in 2009.

Shridhar Tilve's Works:

Decathlon Series (1982-1987):
Decathlon (Shabdwell Prakashan 2005)
Eka Bhartiya Vidhyartyache Udgar (Popular Prakashan 1992)
Decathlon Real (Navta Prakashan 2011)

Channel Series:
Ka.Vi (Popular Prakashan 2004)
Streevahini (Shabdwell Prakashan 2004)
Channel Under The World (Shabdwell Prakashan 2009)
Channel Destroyery (Granthali 2009)

Mixed Genre, Novel, Story, Poems, Etc.
Ada.Haw.Ka.Ba.Na.S.uNa. (Shabdwell Prakashan 2008)
Atmacharitratle Kalpanik Kshan (Shabdwell Prakashan 2009)

Amerikeche Adhyaksha Ale Tevhachi Gosht (Navta Prakashan 2011)
Manwanter:Joshi Ki Kamble (Navta Prakashan 2010)

Teekaharan (Shabdwell Prakashan 1999)

Joshi Ki Kamble, Adishakti Films 2008

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