Shrutika Nagpal

Rookie (India)

Biography of Shrutika Nagpal

Im 16,
Yep, just another teen.
I write poetry.
Which is good for me.

I hope you read what i write,
And hopefully shed some light,
On how to tranform it from something common
To something written like none.

Or something to that effect,
Read on,
And tell me what you think.


Thanks. Updates

Our Saviour

You must be expecting me to rattle on bullshit about freedom fighters
And famous writers,
But for a normal school child
The nature of a treat is palely mild
Its water my friend, water
Which saves us from what global warming is making our world- hotter.
If in a bottle plastic or metal
It’s more refreshing than fresh hot tea from a kettle.
As we return from a hot day in school

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