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41. Unknown Tidings 1/6/2013
42. Ever Thought Why? 4/22/2013
43. Shadow 7/22/2013
44. We 2/4/2013
45. Predicament 2/6/2013
46. The Quagmire 6/17/2013
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The Quagmire

Let joy of sprouting of sapling withdraw sorrow of wilting of flower
Restitute depth of wound endured with peak of toil greased
Is angst of the benefactor elevated than chagrin of recipient?
Glory of deeds well done to compunction of evil committed
Sagacity of servility of waves to despotism of callous rocks
Inclination of the sunflower and declination of the stream
Mirth of a casual schmooze with opulence of smile shared
Circle of ephemeral life with triangle of faltering ménage

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Box Of Life

Found a box in the backyard crimson in color,
Was glistening shiny with an unknown odor,
Around it hovered myriad butterflies,
Somehow brought memories of forgotten ties,
Should I open and kill my curiosity?
Or what if it was a harbinger of adversity?

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