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1. What's My Path.... 4/10/2009
2. Ultimate One-On-One 4/26/2009
3. If Its Destined To Be... 4/12/2009
4. One Simple Law... 5/10/2009
5. I Saw U For The First Time... 5/10/2009
6. One More Time.. 5/20/2009
7. Do Soldiers Come Only In Uniforms? ? ? 4/26/2009
8. Pearls 5/16/2016
9. Reason 4/19/2009
10. Dear Soldier... 5/10/2009
11. Hearing Truth Is Not A Child's Play.. 5/10/2009
12. In Conversation With God... 5/3/2009
13. Misguided Missile.. 4/26/2009
14. Should I 4/17/2009
15. You Are The One... 4/10/2009
16. U Don'T Care... 5/15/2009
17. How Many Times....? 5/8/2009
18. Thoughtless Mind 4/26/2009
19. If Only 4/10/2009
20. Don'T We All Need Help... 5/10/2009
21. Wanna Go Back Home.. 4/16/2009
22. Fair Called Life.... 5/3/2009
23. I Am 4/10/2009
24. Angels... 4/10/2009
25. Everytime It Rains...Its Beautiful... 5/3/2009
26. I Wish.. 5/17/2009
27. A Rock Star 4/5/2009
28. A Greater Wisdom 4/12/2009
29. Drugs Ain'T Cool... 5/10/2009
30. Faith 4/10/2009
31. I Met Myself 5/12/2009
32. Thanking The Divine... 7/19/2009

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Thanking The Divine...

Whenever I got sucess
n accomplished new heights...
I would thank every person behind...
for being the medium of the divine...

Whether it was teacher in school
who inspired me to top the class
or a friend who inspired me to
learn to play guitar..

Whether it was a friend who introduced
me to the world of books and wisdom
or a friend who inspired me to flow
through poems...

Whether it was a friend who inspired me
to seek spirituality & enlightenment
or a friend who taught me about
present moment awareness...

I thank u all from ...

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A Rock Star

There is a guy that I know
Or may be I think so

He seems to have ensued a war with himself
So many layers to him that I want to delve

When I look through his eyes
Wooden & blank …
Seems like he is lookin for a helping hand.

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