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Matter of Heart..... The Feelings

It's not easy for me to sit down and write something, no matter what the subject line is. Rather I write something before I've even set my mind. Reckon words come to me like an early spring shower that just comes and leaves its imprints on the green grass.

I welcome all my thoughts with sheer enthusiasm and wait for it to carry me along to the land of dreams and wishes.

My poems are FEELINGS the feelings of mine, the feelings of all.

There is not only one person, that all my poems dedicated to. Reather I owe to all my near & dear ones, specially My Parents, my family members, my friends & my Sir, Mr. Manoj Srivastava.

I am thankful to the Lord for blessing me with the courage of expressing myself with words.

Kindly visit to my poetry planet, I'll appriciate ur comments.
With Love,
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