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shweta khosla Poems

1. Imagine 2/27/2007
2. The Other Side 5/26/2008
3. Schnook 5/26/2008
4. Reality Bites 8/25/2008
5. Pet Demons 11/27/2008
6. The Afterwards 1/7/2009
7. Another Evening.. 3/20/2009
8. This Evening.. 3/20/2009
9. Your Colours 3/26/2009
10. The Muse 7/8/2008
11. Uncut Diamonds 8/30/2009
12. Amethyst 9/4/2009
13. Smile That Smile 2/25/2010
14. Do You? 3/11/2010
15. G'Bye To The King 5/2/2007
16. The Bad Girl Manifesto 3/29/2010
17. Courage 7/8/2008
18. The Forrest 7/17/2008
19. The Turning Point 6/3/2009
20. Will I Ever Know? 10/15/2008
21. For My Muse 5/23/2008
22. For When They Leave You Behind 2/27/2007
23. The Dream 6/11/2008
24. Seeking What? 10/21/2008
25. Alive And More 7/3/2009
26. Expectations 5/22/2008
27. Mm: ( 5/2/2007
28. Happy! 5/15/2009
29. Fool's Paradise 5/11/2009
30. Is This Our Song? 10/27/2008
31. Can I 5/2/2007
32. Dont Say Goodbye 6/12/2008

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  • Gopi Mannur (7/8/2008 2:45:00 AM)

    good writing, i think sometimes sh'l write especially for me bcoz, wht i'm feeling about my friend i dont need to express it. rather i show these poem's to her.

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Best Poem of shweta khosla

Can I

Can I tell you things,
Through music, poems or rhyme?
Can I use words to reach you,
Someone else’s or mine?

Can I be there when,
you need me to be?
Can I let you help,
Make you feel sorry for me?

Can I touch you,
Give you a peck on the cheek?
Can I hope, in this moment of weakness,
it is me you will seek?

Can I build castles,
of sand, hopes and fantasy?
Can I wish for them to stay
hold on to the antithesis of reality?

Can I chain you down,
chain you down to me?
Can I accept that I want you,
Only because ...

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The Other Side

If I say
goodbye to you
then do i say
to words too?

If I shut
you out of my life,
my dreams and hope
Then do i let go
of the only rope?

Should I then
keep the pain?
So that I can write?
feel everything?
the sun, the moon, the rain?

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