Shyamal R Swamy

Biography of Shyamal R Swamy

I'm a crazy girl who is very mature at all times.
Poetry is my let out. I love writing. It comes to me easily, takes me in its arms and comforts me.
I love getting to know new people. And, most importantly, I LOVE talking. I can do it all day long. It is as important as breathing.
Well, other than poetry, I paint, sing, dance, M.C, and oh yeah talk.

I love old kinda English. Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Tennyson are my favorites.
I love romantic poets. Loooove Robert Frost.

Now, if you hung on and read this far, why don't you give my poems a try.......go on Updates

Sixteen Tears

One trickles down
For loneliness in a busy town
Two for fear
Of having no one near
Three, to be out, to be free
Yet stopped by a shivering knee
For for that shut door
Locked mind and desire to soar
They trickle upon my frown

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