Sian Kyle

Rookie (6th February 1993 / Telford)

Biography of Sian Kyle

Hello, my name is Siân Kyle. I am 13 years old and write stories and poetry as one of my hobbies. I also enjoy acting, dance and singing.
While reading my friend(Curtis Griffiths) 's poems (also hosted on here) , I realised I had a lot of poems and no-where to put them. So I created an account of my own.
I hope you enjoy my poems! Updates


He’s sitting at his desk, half-dead, his bloodshot eyes half-closed,
He’s thinking he’d be better dead, his features uncomposed.
She’s closing the door silently, trying hard not to be heard,
It really wouldn’t do if an “accident” occurred.
He’s lifting up his head, but now- he’s dropping off to sleep,
Too weary now to even see, for if he did he’d weep.
She’s closed the door, approaches him, slips something in his drink,
Exits, sighs, and listens to him breathing out of sync.
He shift

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