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121. In My Mind I Hold A Picture 1/21/2014
122. My Ballad 1/30/2014
123. Words Left Unsaid 10/17/2013
124. A Hero's Girlfriend 6/17/2013
125. Lord Of The Flies 6/15/2013
126. Addiction Poem 4/8/2013
127. Not Supposed 4/22/2012
128. Whatever The Conflict 6/8/2012
129. Why Should You Care? 5/10/2012
130. Friendship Memories 4/30/2012
131. Love Is Like A Stream 4/22/2012
132. Simple Hugs 6/15/2013
133. Don'T Be Afraid 4/29/2013
134. My Heart Feels Like Lead 1/30/2014
135. The Gcse Feeling 6/10/2013
136. Shot An Arrow 9/25/2012
137. Amazing Man 4/22/2013
138. Fair Trade Worker 11/8/2012
139. Wind In Your Hair 4/22/2013
140. Exams, Exams 6/10/2013
141. Long Distance Love 4/22/2013
142. We'Re So Proud Of You 9/17/2013
143. Good Bye Year 11 4/29/2013
144. The Underwater World 9/17/2013
145. Exam Stress 6/10/2013
146. Don'T Drink And Drive 7/16/2012
147. Walt Disney 9/18/2013
148. Deforestation 11/8/2012

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The rainforest is slowing disintegrating,
Getting chopped down for our needs,
And whilst we are all debating,
We need to plant more seeds.

So when we cut down the trees,
We should help the animals around,
What you need to plant is an extra three,
For when that tree hits the ground.

They help us with medicines, when we are ill,
However we still chop them to the ground,
Think about all those poor creatures we kill,
Petrifying them with the sound.

Provide homes for people that live there,
Or make things around the house,
From tables...

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Fighting is what I was taught to do
Shooting them is my career
Every few months, more people that are new
Knowing that death is near.

We fight to save others
But it's not always good news
Enemy's killing our brothers
We don't know who we'll lose.

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