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Bryan Alexander 22 September 2009

I've never met you but through your words I feel like I have. You always convey your message clearly whether its happy or sad or whatever your feeling with your pen. Some of your lines have made me believe in myself and others in my future. I love your work. Clever girl, you have a way with words.....

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Brett Roberts 17 June 2009

A guaranteed good read every time. Janell has a way to relate the reader and the poetry in a unique way. Her hand is talented, her writing will keep you wanting more. Keep writing!

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Catrina Heart 30 March 2009

A lady of the PH castle, a young poetess whose creative mind blossoms in the world of poetry. Truly a talented sweet lass......

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Blue Eyes 14 March 2009

This poetess is one of the ones that I most admire their works on this site.She has a rare talent with imagery.

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Cyprian, In My Dream

Cyprian, in my dream
the folds of a purple
kerchief shadowed
your cheeks --- the one

Timas one time sent,
a timid gift, all
the way from Phocaea

tr. Barnard

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