Siddartha Montik

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  • ''cosmically speaking..
    We do not need only Oxygen and Water etc for survival but they are so needy as we evolved from their Beginning and right at our roots! !''
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  • ''..that last of myself., must be left between poetry and God! !''
  • ''the twicce. we think about Emotion..we might lose the meaning! !''

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Best Poem of Siddartha Montik

Wandering Breaths

I seem to have lost my lamp
during the night of wandering breaths.

I didn't know where I was when I woke-up,
I started arguing with the trees and the Rocks
and with myself. And then I cried!

Then in the distant mists I heard a voice telling me,
'No matter what happens, keep going..
for you are sure to find yourself someday'!

Hence here I am, searching very myself,
I once really was, never for my own behalf.

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Trace Of Peace!

We don't have to make a request for our peace,
and don't have to escape from the life's pace!

Peace may not have place to define in what we see..,
but it is in everything that we conceive and convince!

for, every situation has a reason to happen,
and many of us involved are in a want of peace in certain!

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