Siddharth Anand

(Dehli / India)

Biography of Siddharth Anand

Siddharth is pursuing his graduation from Delhi University(India).He has multiple interests and hobbies and wants to explore all dimensions of his being. He has written a collection of 150 poems and also paints. Some abstact art can be found on his website.With that he is also a model and has also done a music video.With that he has also won many university level debates in India. He also works as a Voice and Accent Trainer and is a professional anchor.

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Mystic Lady

I search for love and find my soul
With you, my love, I am whole
And the mystic love that binds us
Reminds me of divinity.

In your heart, I find,
The love that lacked in mine
your touch and your scent
open the doors to a heavenly vent

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