siddharth singh.

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Biography of siddharth singh.

Born on the 30th of August 1974, Siddharth Singh graduated in science from Maharaja’s college, Jaipur in 1996. Currently working as the director, Gentle Footcare (p) Ltd, a company engaged in footwear manufacturing. His first memories of having written something notable and original dates back to when he was 17. Dream, Greed and World On Fire are the poems he wrote then.
Ayn Rand happens to be the greatest influence and inspiration for him ever since he first read her on his father’s suggestion when he was 19.
He is a patient, hardworking and an extremely confident person. A die hard Amitabh Bachchan fan, he is a man of dignity and ability. He can write beautifully on any given topic, a versatile poet whose poems depict the depth of his emotions. The usage of words in his poems is such that one can actually visualise them. A brilliant man and a delightful conversationalist. His gift of simple romantic story telling in verse makes his poems a pleasure to read. A perfectionist to the core, he was totally oblivious to the fact that he could actually write well, for a long time.
I was actually surprised to know that my friend, Siddharth was so talented and had a flair for writing. His poem, “Melting of Morals” happens to be a personal favourite of mine.


World On Fire.

A fire is blazing inside me,
while it's so calm outside.
There are things i want to do.
I want to stop the water from flowing.
I want to stop the wind from blowing.
I want my mind to stop from doing the thinking.
I want to put this world on fire
and watch everything around me burn.
Then i want to laugh, laugh aloud

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